From Psychiatrists to Case Managers, from Occupational Therapists to Income Assistance specialists, the skill and diversity of our interdisciplinary team is the key to the Inner City Youth Program’s success. Each team member uses their expertise and talents to connect a young person with the care, community resources, and fun activities they need to lead a healthy, fulfilling life.

Primary & Psychiatric Care Team

Our medical doctors and nurse practitioners provide health care services for a wide range of issues- mental health, substance use, sexual health and all your general concerns.

Our psychiatrists meet with youth to hear their mental health or substance use concerns, and work together to plan a course of action, often with the help from a counselor, medical doctor, or nurse practitioner.

Dr. Steve Mathias


Dr. Dan Lin


Dr. Jen Wide


Dr. Alex Gubanov


Dr. Valentina Mendoza


Dr. Bill MacEwan


Dr. Carolyn Hall

Family Physican

Keren Mitchell

Nurse Practitioner

Sarah Cochrane

Nurse Practitioner

Farzana Rayani

Nurse Practitioner

Intensive Case Management Team

Our case managers are a team of social workers and nurses who support youth with housing, mental health and substance use services and will often provide therapy themselves. The case managers support a small number of youth at a time to allow for focused attention. All youth receiving ICM services are connected with an ICY program psychiatrist and work closely with case managers to help youth meet their recovery goals.

Linda Barker

Clinical Supervisor

Jesse Pare

Case Manager

Elise Durante

Case Manager

Amy Schactman

Case Manager

Amy Anderson

Case Manager

Crystal Johnstone

Case Manager

Bart Newman

Case Manager

Tanya Helle

Case Manager

Kristen Wald

Case Manager

Davey Hamada

Case Manager

Greg Slawson

Case Manager

Stephanie Docherty

Intake Case Manager

Renfrew House

Leanne Berube

Case Manager

Aaron Kimberly

Case Manager

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Support Team

Our team of occupational therapists, rehabilitation and recreation workers provide life skills training, and lead various group activities such as food preparation and recreational outings. Some of these activities may be limited to our youth working with a case manager.

Our peer support workers are great listeners who can help youth navigate community resources, program activities and wellness needs.

Jeff Masse

Occupational Therapist

Cassie Gillam

Rehabilitation Assistant

Fernando Magleo

Rehabilitation Assistant

Brandon Alstad

Recreation Assistant

Matt Piercy

Peer Support

Sarah Irving

Peer Support

Administrative Team

Our administrative support team offers a welcoming experience for youth and young adults the moment they walk through our doors. Please let us know how we are doing.

Stephanie Gillingham

Operations Leader

Jayde Boden

Program Assistant

Research Team

The Inner City Youth Program is dedicated to providing the best possible health care experience for youth. ICY is committed to ongoing evaluation of our services so that we can cater to your health care needs.

Chris Richardson

Skye Barbic

Javiera Pumarino

Claire Frances

Carmelina Barone

Sarah Boorman